What is rockering?

What is rockering? ‘Rockering’ is the choice to raise the axle and ride height of the front and rear wheel. If you tip forward, you’re skating on wheels 1 and 2. In a neutral position, you’re on wheels 2 and 3. As you corner hard and shift your weight back, you’re on wheels 3 and 4.

What is a balanced rocker?

We call our unique recipe of slightly rockering our frames “Balanced Rocker” because agility and stability are balanced to give a superior skating experience that suits all skill levels. The skate feels more agile and maneuverable without being twitchy or unstable like 2 mm banana rockers can feel to some skaters.

What is a Rockerable frame?

a quality frame with which you can switch between a flat and a rockered set-up. the set-up with smaller wheels in the middle is a better design for a rockerable frame than four wheels of the same size.

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What is rockering skates?

Often referred to as the profile, rocker, or contour of your skate blade, these terms all refer to the curvature of your skate blade from heel to toe.

What is skating flat?

Flat setup or setting in place have those skates, at which all the wheels (usually three or four) at ride touch the ground. Skates with adjustment „flat setup“ Comparing to this, wheels at rockered setup (let´s say „cradle setting“) at ride don´t touch the ground all together.

Are endless frames rockered?

The frames have a balanced rocker with four-wheel setups (similar to the Wizard frame). This means that the wheelbase can be longer for stability but still be manoeuvrable. The rocker is very subtle but effective, it is like having a nicely worn in full set of wheels before you’ve used them.

Is the FR1 frame Rockerable?

The top clip is plastic, as opposed to metal. The frame is lower specification than the FR1 but higher specification than the FR3 and the FRX. The frame includes FR’s rockerable axles (meaning the skate can work both flat and rockered without changing the wheels).

What is natural rocker skating?

Using our Natural Rocker (NR) geometry,the frame provides a long wheel base with a short turning radius, providing enhanced maneuverability without compromising stability. Using 4 larger wheels, the NR frames are designed for a more versatile skating experience on all surfaces.

What is banana rocker?

For a rockered setup, the traditional banana rocker is the most common: The front and back wheels are higher than the middle two wheels with a 2mm rocker between both the 1st and 2nd wheels and the 3rd and 4th wheels. It literally looks like a banana shape, hence its name.

Is Rocker good for beginners?

Rocker Board, Excellent for Fun in the Park

As we mentioned, at low speeds it is easier to spin and butter on a rocker board. For beginners this means more room for error while learning, but for park riders it means more flexibility and room for innovation on rails and other features.

What is Rocker good for?

Rocker offers skiers and snowboarders several advantages: Improved flotation in powder: The early-rising tips and tails on skis and nose and tail on a snowboard help skiers and riders stay on top of soft snow.

Is Rocker better for powder?

Powder: This is what rockered skis were originally created to address. Though many models are cambered underfoot, their classic rockered tips and tails are best for taking on deep powder. Reverse sidecut at the tip (i.e., a narrower shovel) maneuvers more easily and is less likely to snag an edge.

What rocker type is best for beginners?

1: Flat Top Snowboard
  • Flat profile boards that have a softer flex are great for beginners and intermediate riders looking for an easy-to-ride board that can progress with their riding.
  • Park riders often prefer flat profile boards for the consistent flex that is good for jibbing.

Is camber or rocker better for beginners?

In my opinion, the Traditional Camber and Completely Flat profiles should be completely avoided. The Continuous Rocker has been often recommended to beginners (but that was before the hybrid profiles really emerged).

Is rocker or camber better for groomers?

Camber boards and flat profiles are great for those learning to snowboard on groomers. This traditional profile is ideal for learning how to ride switch, link turns, and cruise over corduroy runs.

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