Why is the Klon so good?

The Klon is particularly celebrated for the ‘transparent’ nature of its overdrive. In essence, this means that the pedal causes your signal to overdrive, without ‘colouring’ your tone in any way. It adds warmth and gain to your tone, whilst preserving the natural sound of your guitar and amp.

Are Klon clones any good?

The street price of the Soul Food relative to other, newer Klon clones means it’s not the bargain it once was, but it still represents pretty good value for money. The enclosure and design may not be the best, but the sound is powerful and articulate.

Is the Klon overrated?

It is overhyped because it is a rare pedal because it was made in limited quantities and is not made anymore. That’s it. Many clones have emerged and while they don’t sound exactly the same, they sound close enough, and can be had for much lower prices.

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Does John Mayer use a Klon?

While Mayer uses a Klon Centaur for his transparent overdrive, that pedal is ridiculously overpriced. A few good alternatives to check out are the Paul Cochrane Timmy, JHS Morning Glory, and EHX Soul Food. For Tube Screamer style overdrives, just go ahead and look for an actual Ibanez Tube Screamer.

What overdrive pedal did Kurt Cobain use?

During the Nirvana years, Cobain almost always used the Boss DS-1 distortion pedal.

What artists use a Klon?

The Klon Centaur has been used by guitarists including Jeff Beck, John Mayer, Joe Perry, Nels Cline (of Wilco), Matt Schofield and Ed O’Brien (of Radiohead). Finnegan said the pedal attracted a variety of guitarists, including baby boomers, younger indie rock musicians and experimental musicians.

Is the Klon hard clipping?

Just like all great guitar pedals. Basically, just know that the Klon Centaur is a hard clipper. If you turn the gain up or if you don’t, at the end of the day it’s a really fancy boost pedal that sounds awesome. There are several other great versions of this pedal.

How is a Klon different from a Tube Screamer?

The Klon is similar in many ways to the Tube Screamer and is often used in a similar way to add beautiful mids to single coils, but without such a prominent mid hump, loss of dynamics or higher frequency sparkle.

What pedal did Smashing Pumpkins use?

What is this? The first pedal that comes to mind about Billy Corgan and The Smashing Pumpkins is the Electro-Harmonix “Op-Amp” Big Muff Pi V4. The pedal provides a broad, thick fuzz sound that can be heard on most Pumpkins albums.

What pedal did Eric Clapton use?

Eric Clapton first used a wah-wah pedal with Cream. He famously played it on the songs ‘White Room’ and ‘Tales Of Brave Ulysses’. During this time, Clapton used a Vox V846 Wah-Wah Pedal. He also used this later in his career, along with a Dunlop Crybaby GCB-95 Wah Pedal and a Dunlop 535Q Crybaby Wah Pedal.

What pedal did Kurt Cobain use?

Kurt Cobain used a Randall solid-state head and 4×12 cab at the time, but for the album, Kurt used Endino’s Fender Twin Reverb, and the only pedal he used was a Boss DS-1 Distortion.

What pedal does Rammstein use?

Using an Ibanez Tube Screamer 808, a Mesa-Boogie Dual Rectifier and an Equalizer pedal is the best choice of the Deplike users and the most liked Rammstein preset in Deplike.

What pedals do Led Zeppelin use?

Guitar Pedals

He was known to experiment throughout his illustrious Zeppelin career and you’ll hear Phaser, Tape Delay and Fuzz aplenty. The important pedals to nail his sound are definitely the fuzz and the tape delay and once you’ve got those with a Les Paul and Marshall-style amp, you’re set!

What pedal does Tom Morello use?

For more than 30 years, the key component of Tom Morello’s raw, hard-hitting sonic voice has been his amp setup. The MXR Power 50 Overdrive captures the sound and functionality of that setup for use with any rig, whether you have a simple combo amp or a high-end custom stack.

What pedal does David Gilmour?

David Gilmour used a variety of different pedals throughout his career with Pink Floyd, including wah and fuzz pedals, delay and reverb pedals, and a variety of other effects. He was also known for his use of the BOSS DS-1 distortion pedal, which he used on a number of Pink Floyd’s most iconic tracks.

What pedal does Ed Sheeran use?

Ed Sheeran’s Chewie II Monsta Looper is a lot more than just a loop pedal. It’s basically a MIDI footswitch that controls a software plugin called Mobius 2 VST – this is running through Ableton Live.

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